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Well, it will be hard to compare anything to this year because it has been so much hotter and drier than any other year I have lived in Seattle. Yesterday it was 103. I watered everything in the morning and everything seems okay except for a small buttercup winter squash I lost. I have been harvesting many zucchini including two tonight that were not very big yesterday am but big tonight. Have a few more summer squash coming along as well….

I need to be planting stuff for winter but I am just too busy with my work to do it. Tonight I spotted 3 cucumbers on the vines – they have really taken off! I harvested a bunch of carrots this week and my husband made collards and kale for dinner (along with really good Sockeye and quinoa). the kids loved it! The sugar snaps are still producing but not tons. Inoculant for them as well next year. I should probably do the seaweed fertilizer – i have not been doing it much. The tomatoes are coming along well – not so sure about the peppers this year. A few beets are ready for harvesting as well. I have been eating a fair amount of kale although the one I bought at a sale (instead of from seed) is pretty bitter. I have been adding it to the kids smoothies as well.

The buttercup winter squash was supposed to produce 4 to 6 fruits per bush – right now i have one per bush and I doubt i will get more – not sure why. And nest year I only need two zucchini plants – maybe just one! Prolific for sure but nice to have so much fresh food. All my lettuce and spinach starts died in this heat – but mainly because I forgot to water them yesterday.

the broccoli is growing and starting to look good as is another crop of strawberries – yum!


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well i just got home from a trip for work. the garden is experiencing some neglect although my family is really trying!

harvested my first two squash! before i left i hand pollinated squash and zucchini with q tips. and harvested more zucchini. still not doing that well but here is hoping. my buttercup winter squash are doing very well! cut out a chunk of leaves with powdery mildew.

i have more carrots to harvest and the cukes are starting to grow up the trellis – maybe 2 feet off the ground now. the sugar snaps are still doing well and the ones i seeded recently are growing.

i started a bunch of winter starts before i left but forgot to tell my husband to take off the lid once the seeds popped through – not sure they will make it – leggy and a bit moldy. kids each got one strawberry each today and i finally got one as well. I hope we get many more next year!

the tomatoes are growing but slow. it does not look like a good basil year. a few are doing well but most are sad and little and trying to bolt….

the kale and collards are amazing! and the broccoli plants are getting pretty big.

off to work!

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Well, I dug up the last of the lettuce save one which is small and has not bolted. Pulled out half the beans since they are doing nothing and planted more sugar snaps. Not sure I will get any but worth a try! Did lots of weeding today cleaning up the yard and garden beds.

My summer squash is still not producing- lots of flowers, occasional little squash then they die? And now some of my zucchini has end rot. Darn. Harvested a couple of good ones. Amazingly the winter squash is taking off! And a lot of the basil is trying to bolt – very early – I am guessing from the weird hot weather….

The kids played and raised ruckus while I gardened. I wish it had been warm enough to fill the water table – it really entertains them the best.

I planted broccoli, broccoli raab, onions, spinach, kale and chard in a container from seed for fall/winter. In the “Grow” mag I read it said to take the core of toilet paper, cu tin half, fill with dirt then seed. Then you can transplant the whole thing into the ground. Decided to try it.

I direct sowed 3 kinds of lettuce and 2 kinds of spinach in the yard in two different places.

I harvested 10 orange carrots and two yellow carrots along with a bunch of sugar snap peas today – yum! And exactly 3 strawberries which went right into 3 kids mouths.

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Well we are home and I have yet to take photos but wow the garden grew! Late June was amazing warm weather apparently. Unusual for Seattle. But everything grew like crazy (well most everything).

We ate our first zucchini and a handful of sugar snaps as well as a couple carrots. They all were good. Lots more carrots are ready but trying to finish up the store bought first. A lot of my basil is yellow – thinking from the cold nights maybe? Or too much sun? The ones more protected – tucked in next to tomatoes etc – are growing well. The ones in pots by themselves are not big and yellowish. Hmm.

The zucchini, squash and winter squash have taken off like wildflowers. As have the kale and chard which I used in an egg scramble for lunch today. The lettuce has all bolted of course. The kentucky pole beans have not grown at all – After I planted them, I read that I should have inoculated them first. If I have time to find some inoculant, I am going to rip the first ones out and replant.

I read about the inoculant in a magazine called “Grow” “Fine Gardening’s” guide to vegetable gardening. It was impressive with how much info was packed into it. Designed beautifully as well which always makes reading easier and more fun. It had excellent advice for tomato growing although some conflicted with what I read on Urban Land Army. Mainly about whether to cut back a lot of leaves or not and whether or not it affects the taste. I think I have cut back too much in recent years and the tastes have not been amazing so might go with “grow”‘s advice.

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