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so I had better get started. i went on a walk with my kids the other day – (an achievement considering my hibernating status this winter) and saw crocuses, daffodils, forsythia blooming as well as camelias too. Hyacinths out of the ground but not blooming yet.

made me realize i need to get busy thinking about seeds and what am i going to plant. overall i think last year was pretty successful. because of the mild winter, my broccolini survived and it is growing again – i sauteed some the other day and it was great. amazing. all my fall things i planted have survived and are starting to grow a bit. Considering I did nothing at all this winter, i am impressed. I had planted more broccoli as well so I see us eating lots of broccoli.

i am getting ready to sort through left over seeds and then start planning out what to plant and where and consider what seeds i still need. i know i want to grow delicata squash this year. i need to learn more about winter squash – my buttercup squash went bad before we could eat them except for the baby one which was tasty. the skin on the little one stayed green and shiny – the skin on the others became matte and subdued. I am guessing the answer lie there.

more posting soon.


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