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Last fall, I bought good size starts at the Tilth fall sale. I planted them late Sept I think and I knew it should have been sooner. They pretty dormant and by early April I had doubts I would get anything. Well, amazingly I have! Since this bed gets shaded by the big tree leaves that just came out, I was not rushed to dig anything up.

Tonight I harvested enough kale and chard for at least 2 dinners for the 5 of us. And spinach and flowering broccoli for one dinner. And the lettuce starts from PCC gave enough for a little salad for each of us.

While we certainly are not getting tons from the garden each week, I have been getting enough greens for one maybe two dinners a week. Not bad!

The garden is taking off and I really need to document with photos. And document on this blog. Mainly I have been documenting planting dates and names on a paper grid I drew of the garden.

I have planted a good variety of peas and all are coming up. Very interesting that the tallest ones are the ones blown on by the dryer vent. Not surprising really! Zucchini is just popping through. Beets are getting ever so bigger. I had to reseed carrots and still not much. Chard and collard starts are looking strong. Spinach starts from PCC look good, spinach starts from me are okay. Seeding spinach in the ground not so much.

My succession lettuce planting is going well. I have lettuce starts in 3 stages. I hope this keeps us eating tons of lettuce! Even with the slugs who chopped down one full size lettuce and 4 half way grown we should still have plenty.

Speaking of slugs – read that spreading coffee grounds is an excellent deterent as they hate caffiene. Added that to the broken egg shells. Here is hoping. Also read that slugs do not like red leaf lettuce. Seems true since they only ate the green ones.

The tomato starts inside are growing fast. I am trying to put them outside in the sun 2 or 3 days a week for at least a few hours. The peppers as well. I did not finish transplanting the peppers into their own 4 in pots until this past weekend.

Still to do – reseed more basil as I lost most to the chemical dirt. Plant purple carrot seeds and cilantro seeds and more lettuce seeds.

The Seattle Tilth has a leftover plant sale ($2 or less) this Friday – I will be going. My tomatillos did not make it through the chemical dirt disaster and I need cukes and squash and maybe some other things!


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