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Today I was out direct seeding all of my beans and a few more peas. As I was comparing my trellis’ to my garden plan drawing I was confused because I was supposed to be looking at cucumbers. About 10 of them. That I so lovingly raised from seed and transplanted last week. I looked closely and found one sad stem munched almost at the base. Aargh. I am going to have put something out there to keep the Japanese cukes from getting munched. Good thing I ran out of time to transplant them.

At least now i have plenty of room to transplant them :). I planted two pole beans and two bush beans today as well as three kinds of peas. More notes on that later.

Also I transplanted my sweet peas outside and then it got very very wet and rainy. Not sure any will make it 😦 And I had such high hopes. I have two more beans/peas to plant from West Seattle Nursery and unfortunately one of my dear dear children removed the tags. I guess we will all have to wait and see what comes up.

I think this lady is in WA state but not sure – wow what a garden!


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